Saturday, March 25, 2006

The first entry in a blog is usually to test the thing. Thus, with the proper setting up of The Black Book on a legitimate (if not renowned site), I hereby declare The Black Book (version électronique) open.

Enough of this nonsense. For those who mayn't know, the Black Book, for me, began in 2003, as a written journal (or notebook, rather.) I began its first sentences in my Chemistry class (where I usually fall asleep in 10 seconds). The Book was a way for me to remain awake. When I wrote those first sentences, I envisioned that one day, they will appear on the Web, for others to read. After all, what you write must surely be read, shouldn't it? Well, these blogs have made this possible. (Remarkable stuff.)

I call it a notebook, because it isn't updated on a very regular basis. Rather, if I feel something needs analysis (a bit cheem here, but that's how i write), I will enlighten the pages of the Book. Or if I come across a Highly Singular Occurrence. More on that later.

So, at times I will write about more present occurrences. Or, if I don't have anything to write about, then I will publish some excerpts from my Black Book (version écrite), which I had originally intended to do. Some entries will contain little mentions of events as they happen and as they occur to me, whereas some will be full-blown discussions on a particular topic.

I end the testing here.

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