Friday, June 02, 2006

Update: FOC Miscellaneous Items List

It is now the 2nd of June, a long way away from the FOC, in April. I will give an update as to the Miscellaneous items list.

A foldable chair has been bought, about a week ago. The price was remarkable. $1.50! About the same price as the Mee Soto from SP FC6 Stall 1.

I could not get a penknife in time for the camp, but it didn't matter; I don't usually eat kaya anyway.

Stationery was much needed, especially permanent markers. And the whistle, too.

As for fans, I already had a satay fan, but just in case, I bought a black chinese fan. There were only three left in the store; my associate took two, I took one, and the shopkeeper auntie was happy.

The fate of the fans? One of my associate's ones broke. My satay fan bent. Learning from the experience, I made sure my Chinese fan was not used roughly by anyone else.

The fans provided much needed ventilation especially during the NightWalk and trip to Sentosa. More on these later.

Thus, the Miscellaneous Items were very useful.

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