Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Stubborn Conductor's Chair

I realise that I am a bit funny. Some of my friends say my mechanical abilities are quite good for an IT student. I do not think too much of it, but it is amusing. Why shouldn't an IT student be proficient (somewhat) in hands-on work? (Well, mechanical in this case doesn't have to mean literally nuts and bolts, but any work that does not need a computer. Quite broad.)

About 2 months ago I assisted in assembling the SP band conductor's chair (Mr Tan's chair). That stubborn chair took at least four people and a sitting model to complete. The model was interchangeable (even I sat on the chair at one point), and was used to apply weight when screwing the screws into the bottom. The sight of four people screwing into the bottom of a chair with someone sitting on top was a sight to behold. Ikea must measure products properly. Someone, I think it was Audrey (a section mate) was surprised that I took to this kind of work.

Then there was the MIT Nightwalk Props. The MIT Nightwalk Props. Creating sadakos, fixing dolls, making bendable arms complete with hands and movable fingers with just masking tape and newspapers (I'm not joking).

Same sentiments expressed here as well. The fact that I seem to take very well to this kind of manual labor was quite interesting. Well, perhaps an IT student like me can think of other, more technological ways to portray sadakos, sudokus and what-have-you. Maybe 3D projections...?

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WJ said...

But you are not a 'complete' IT student per se... but rather a multimedia student. So, consider the props as media through which you can scare people. ;)

Oh, and about the chair: Yes, that will be an interesting sight. These sort of 'too-many-chefs' sights never fail to amuse me.