Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The First Few Visitations

Hari Raya, it seems, has arrived again, and I have just completed a day’s worth of visitations. They weren’t very extensive, though. We only visited about six houses. The day after Hari Raya was a school day, and so visitations late into the night were frowned upon.

Important relatives were prioritized. First was my maternal grandfather’s late brother’s house in Choa Chu Kang (well, we visited his widow), then the same grandfather's late sister’s house in Teck Whye (we visited the other distant relatives living in that house), then to Holland V, to visit a cousin’s grandmother. After that, we were off to Pasir Ris to visit my paternal grandmother; to Tampines, another cousin’s grandmother; finally to Yishun, to visit my maternal grandfather’s sister. It was Maternal Relatives Day, you see.

This Sunday would be Paternal Relatives day, if I’m not wrong. Saturday would be a continuation of Maternal Relatives Day, which was cut short due to the next day being a school day, as I stated earlier.


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