Saturday, December 09, 2006

Muzikarama 2006 - Les Musiciens

Muzikarama 2006 was quite strange! If I were the audience, I would find it okay as a whole, except for a few parts, which would be quite memorable.

In this event, I played the role of musician, along with four or five other SSP mates: Jad, Shamil, Jeff, Didi, and to a lesser extent, Efin. He sang most of the time. (I didn't remember hearing auxiliary percussion, which he was supposed to play.) [Didi, Efin and Jeff are not visible in the picture.]

I had to contend with the piano, accordion, melodion, musical saw and whistle. Usually the piano was used, which I was most familiar with.

Muzikarama's scene changes were quite long for the audiences' comfort, so we musicians had to play something to ease the tension. Some were remarkable improvisations by Shamil, whilst some were early starts of scenes from me. I began playing the song for Act 3 a tad too quick, intending it to fill the silence, but i forgot that three people depended on this cue!

Thus the Lighting Woman, the Singer and the Actress started the scene. It must have been a bit distressing for them. Luckily Act 3 didn't have so many props.

The main thing about Muzikarama 2006 that wasn't so good was the tempo (no pun intended). It was quite slow.

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