Monday, January 22, 2007

The 26" saw has been obtained!

Well well well, after a hiatus of approximately a month, here I am again. I got the 26" saw!
May I indicate that it wasn't any of those saws I mentioned in the previous post. It is neither the ones produced by the enthusiastic boss, nor the one that cost $12.30.

It is one with a wooden handle, bought at $15 from a shop in Maude Road, seven days after the writing of the previous post (27th December). There were 2 establishments around that area selling 26" saws. Well, I went to one, and they presented me the saw of the aforementioned length. I felt it was OK, but not enticing enough. Quite skinny. I was looking for one with greater taper, from tip to end. I performed some bending motions and rapped it with my knuckles, to the amusement of the shop auntie and her assistants. But still not good enough! So I put down the saw and kindly stated that I will see to other shops first.

The second shop that I went to was a roundabout affair. I had been led here from Toh Guan Road in Jurong East. The man there said he had 26" saws, but they weren't in the warehouse at that moment (11am in the morning I think). He said he would fetch them from the business at Maude Road, but it would arrive only in the late afternoon. Well, I thought I might as well go there to see it for myself. True enough, he called shortly after, and suggested the same. I acceded to the suggestion.

This business was also a lucky break. It wasn't listed on the Yellow Pages or whatever guide. But it had a 26" saw! It was called Chee Fatt Co. Nearly closing time, but I was allowed to go in, quoting the name of a lady whom I was to look for inside. I went in, enquired about a Cynthia, and was led to a table covered with papers at the back of the office. There was Cynthia.

She despatched a workman to get the 26" saw. It came, and I did the works. Bent the saw to alarming extents, rapped it, even brought out my bow and used it. I do not remember any amazed or curious looks from the other people in the business, only one workman who smiled. They were all behind me, but I imagine they must have felt as such.

It was purchased. Originally priced at $19, I got it for $15! What more can I ask?

It is now safely at home. I intend to sand it, so it is even thinner, so that I can bend it to even greater extents. (It is really tiring and cramping on the fist, bending it all the time.)

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