Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chronicle of MIT FOC 06/07 in Progress

Finally! I have embarked on the chronicling of MIT FOC 06/07, now slightly more than a month into writing. The first draft was begun just after Christmas last year, and now I am into the second draft.

It is very overdue.

And because of that, I fear I do not have much to write about. I have resorted to interviewing people to glean more information for my text, but the fact is, people do not necessarily say all they remember, some being too unimportant to count as a memory. But hey, that's how I write! The small facts make the text come alive.

My writings thus far have been too passive. I need more active sentences, to convey the excitement of the moment. So I've been reading books lately, to seek inspiration. And nice words to use.

Aperient. Vituperation. Apotropaic. What do they mean? Read the completed chronicle and find out!

The whole text must be finished by mid-February, or end-February. The main problem is getting the events linked. The method used is to write about anything that comes to mind. Soon, you have a lot of discrete sentences and paragraphs begging to be organised. When that happens, write a second draft!

They will be printed, perhaps in book form, then placed in the MIT clubroom for all to read. In the meantime, I might as well publish the chronicle of MIT FOC 05/06, of which I was a camper. I just did a word count, and found out that it contained 6005 words, had 150 paragraphs, and was 11 pages long! Enough material. I will publish it.

Next up, The MIT FOC 07/08 NightWalk!

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