Sunday, September 23, 2007

La Veillée on Suria!

The title suggests the near impossible. But yes, I heard a Tiersen piece on Suria! This occurred on Thursday at about 8.25pm. The news program on Suria (called Berita) usually has a slot at the very end of their broadcast reserved for interesting events. Well, for Thursday, they screened a fashion show for the disabled. I thought it was interesting, of course, until I heard La Veillée. Then I was all ears.

It's quite interesting that they used La Veillée to accompany the catwalk ladies. Don't you have to get permissions for this sort of stuff? They were all on wheelchairs, and rolled around the spacious catwalk.


The early morning meal I had at 5.25am just now was quite simple, owing to the fact that I had only a few minutes before we were recommended to stop eating. I bit into some bread, and consumed three dates. There was a cup of tea (now that goes well with bread and dates) and some cold water after we ran out of tea. That will do for today.

My brother didn't wake up at all; he slept like a log. By right we still can continue fasting if this happens, but fearing severe stomach cramps or something, my brother didn't fast today. He'd just finished his lunch.

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