Sunday, November 25, 2007

As a Musician in Muzikarama 2007...

Muzikarama 2007 was a success! Of the three Muzikaramas in total, this was the best so far. Good to hear that! Sang Singa Purba can rest in peace for now, until our Wawas performance in December (more on that later).

I was a musician, inevitably, and played my usual variety of instruments: the accordion, the keyboard, and some auxiliary percussion (the claves and finger cymbals, in particular). No piano this year, because the keyboard sufficed. Some of the most memorable music moments in this year's show were the dangdut song Tapi at the beginning, the various musical medleys in scene 2 and 5, and the Mr Bean theme in scene 3. Yes, THAT theme!

I started off on the wrong note (what could be worse?), but managed to make my way to the correct note, then started proper. No one noticed. Well, as far as I could tell anyway. It was hilarious.

In scene 5, I missed a finger cymbal ting!, which left me in a regretful mood for some time after the show, but what to do? Life goes on.

We managed to redeem ourselves from our mistakes last year. The Propstars were excellent with their efficiency, we musicians filled in the gaps between scene changes, and Muzikarama began and ended promptly. The whole thing ended in about 1 hour 20 minutes (the fastest ever)!

After the show we had a long and lively debrief. I do not remember where we went after that (to eat somewhere, I presume) but we enjoyed ourselves proper. Well, until next Muzikarama!

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