Saturday, April 19, 2008

WAWAS! - End of the Second Performance, and Our Toilets

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After the performance, we had the special opportunity of hearing some inspiring words from the famous Yusnor Ef himself! Many photos were snapped with the renowned people within our audience, and we closed the performance that night feeling very elated, in high spirits. My friends kept pestering me for my father's comments on the performance, of which there were none yet, because my father is not a man of many words! (He *did* give his comments a week later during the day of the post mortem, a rightful time for such things.)

Efin and Arif joined us during dinner, looking a bit weary. But all that disappeared later when we played a birthday prank on Shamil by drenching him with gallons of water! A load of fun, it was.

We returned to our bunks, Jihad turning on the music on his self-brought speakers. It was a brilliant idea to bring them--it made our room the more happening one! Everyone was free to contribute their mp3 playlist for our listening pleasure.

Already I can see a clear preference for toilets. The boys' room has two toilets, which are singularly different in design. We preferred to go to the one on the right. I don't know why. After some time, we tended to go to the one on the left. I, personally, preferred the one on the left. I can tell you why.

The arrangement of the components of the toilet on the right were thus: the mirror faced the door, and between the mirror and the door was the shower pipe. Now, showering in front of a mirror is quite distracting, so I moved out of direct sight of the mirror. But then I saw in the mirror the reflection of the towel hanging behind the door, which, out of the corner of my eye proved even more distracting. So I didn't use that toilet anymore after that.

The left toilet is better; it has plenty of space around the sink to put your toiletries. It also has a ventilation window at the top; the other toilet has absolutely None. That toilet feels like a cubicle--it has two walls of blue plastic like most toilet cubicles do, and sometimes we use it to startle the person inside with a great bang! And yes, the mirror of the left toilet doesn't face the door; the toilet bowl does.

And so, after a quick shower, we fell asleep.

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