Friday, April 25, 2008

WAWAS! - Hainanese Chicken Rice, and a Journey on the LRT

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After clearing Stor Teater of all our stuff, we headed back to our rooms. Sash reassured me that we would organise an SSP ice skating outing once we got back to Singapore, which made me feel quite hopeful. She said the last time *we* had one was back when she was in Year 1! (!) I wasn't part of SSP then, but I'm sure it was fun.

An hour's rest in our rooms; then promptly at 8pm we got out again for dinner. We went straight to a Chicken Rice Shop near the cafe where Cikgu and Encik Harun were left the other day. (Actually it wasn't *the* Chicken Rice Shop but a Hainanese chicken rice restaurant.)

Our seats on the second floor commanded an admirable view of the crowds below, through large, full-length glass windows covering the entire stretch of the restaurant facing the street. The food there was sumptuous and well seasoned. We gobbled down our chicken rice in record time, and those who couldn't finish it donated their portions to those who could.

After dinner we had a spot of people-watching through the full-length windows built for that purpose. There was a lot of fun to be had playing "Spot the Person/Sign/Colour". Totally picturesque, the scene was. I even spotted a person wearing the same beanie as the Black Cat in Kucing! We played for quite some time, gazing boldly into the street as if no one could see us.

On the contrary; everyone did. Once downstairs, we looked up and there it was, our seating area! Every person on the street could see us, as clear as day.

Next stop: the Petronas Twin Towers! (A.k.a. KLCC.) Pushing through the masses of People, we reached an LRT station. Up we went, and waited in a corner for Haddad and Jihad to purchase tickets. It was no less crowded up there. Downstairs, a great hoo-ha was occurring. We looked down and saw groups of people amusing themselves with aerosol cans of confetti and foam. Clearly, the Spraying had begun!

Feeling inwardly relieved that we weren't down there as well (it was New Year's Eve, by the way), we got our tickets and went through the fare gates into the station. No Adventure for us tonight!

The experience of entering the station and going up the steps was like riding a rollercoaster--for some reason, it was quite exciting and novel to us. (Of course, there was the customary snapping of pictures and capturing of videos.) It felt like some theme park monorail.

Everything was going smoothly until we reached Dang Wangi, an interchange station, where we had to switch trains. But every train that came was full to the brim! You couldn't even put a finger in there, and fitting all 21 of us in the same train was out of the question. We decided to split up into our 5 groups (S,I,N,G and A) and meet up at KLCC later. I was part of Group A, consisting of Efin, Aidil and Suhaila. We managed to squeeze into one train, clinging to each other for safety.

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