Monday, April 21, 2008

WAWAS! - The Last Show

--10 of 19--

Tonight is the night of our last performance. We are prepared to give it our best. There is the usual bustle of applying make-up and getting into costumes. I took some time to actually find out the meaning of my lines. The rest occupied themselves with their final preparations.

Jihad thought of using the two toilet bowls reposing in the lift lobby for SHIT but Haddad thought it was wiser not to do so.

Sarah came to us with the sobering news that there was no one outside. Well, at any rate, we had to put on a good show! We gathered in a circle and had a final mood-capturing session. Then we wished everyone good luck and took our places.

The third and final show went well, except perhaps for a few shortcomings here and there, as would inevitably occur in any production. But there were highlights as well; Haddad's shrill cackling in the middle of Pelita never fails to make the hairs stand on the backs of our necks, and the Prostitute's seduction of the Old Man in Kucing goes on without a hitch (but still the audience is very cold). At the Ending, Didi dances with vigour!

And then the crux of the whole event--*the* Highlight of the Night, if you could call it that--"Wawasan Anak Singa, menyala..."--and at the last word, which means "burns brightly" in Malay, we all raise our hands and produce a flame!

Finally, a use for all those Cricket lighters! We stumbled upon this idea earlier, and we had enough lighters to go around--so why not? A classic Eureka moment. Ingenious!

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