Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WAWAS! - Mama Asmida, and our First Performance

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The past few days were not without adventure. Many events have occurred, some which are humourous to the extreme, some which are singularly unusual, and some which I am not at liberty to disclose. I shall describe them as they come to me and as I remember them.

There are two kinds of Mama. One is Mama India. Another is Mama Asmida. Well, Mama Asmida sent a message to Sarah Atiqa on Wednesday afternoon, enquiring about our general health and well-being, also mentioning that we appeared in the newspaper yesterday! It was an interview about Wawas, conducted about 10 days prior to our departure. How thoughtful of her!

Back to the plates of chicken wings laid before us on the table. It is an appetizer before our dinner on the night of our first performance. This dinner is also a post-mortem for the performance (the fastest one I can remember; usually by the time it is held, we would have already forgotten everything.)

Earlier on, there were lots of mistakes and shortcomings (the most fun part of any post-mortem, in any case!) Jihad related how he rushed into position during Kucing.

"5...4...3...2...1.......Vroom!" he darted to his spot. It was Very Dark. And there was a box in his way.


Nizal's error was a more appalling one. This was what he was supposed to say:

"...menjadi angin, menghembuskan bara..."

And this is what he actually said:

"...menghembus gembra..."

Even worse, he could not help but chuckle to himself! (In full view of everyone!)

During SHIT, Didi startled a makcik in the front row. Twice. Once with Asmida when they screamed at each other and another time during his "Gol!" solo. The makcik nearly fell off her chair!

Kucing had mistakes of the Late, Forgotten and Untuned categories. There were forgotten tails, tails that came off, dropped cat's ears, and tails that lengthened themselves in an alarming way as the show progressed! It was Didi's tail that had this defect. By the middle of Kucing his tail was encircling him haphazardly.

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