Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WAWAS! - A Night of Celebration!

--11 of 19--

It is unanimously agreed among us that tonight's show was the best out of the three shows. There are improvements to be made, of course, but that would be for later. Now, we must hurry and get out of our costumes, for tonight is a night of celebration!

There were two choices available to us. We could either go watch a movie, or we could go to a karaoke lounge. Most of us were tired of singing any further after Wawas, so a decision is made: we go to the movies.

Then the question arose as to whether we should all eat before or after the movies. A light dinner had already been consumed earlier, before the performance (provided by Cikgu), so we decided to eat afterwards.

And off to Times Square we go! Cikgu, Encik Harun and Zalinah, on the other hand, chose to go to the karaoke lounge.

Once there, half of us went off in search of toilets, and the other half waited for us at the cinema. Zana delights in irritating Efin with the harsh squeaking of her shoes.

Jihad settles the purchase of movie tickets. We buy enough refreshments to last us the whole movie and march through the ticket gates to Hall 9.

Aliens vs. Predator 2! That is the movie we are watching. It starts off rather promisingly at first, and ends with a big bang, but in the middle are some parts which are rather tiresome (and gruesome) to watch. There are lots of conveniences here and there, and at times I thought I was watching a pirated movie (because usually the pirated movies I watch look like this). We were left in a daze at the end of the film, wondering "What the heck happened?"

The Final Verdict?


It wasn't very satisfactory, to say the least of the ending. The first one was far better, and at the very least it made *sense*.

Nevertheless the ticket price still had to be paid back to Jihad. He was slightly peeved upon hearing us joke that for that sort of movie, it was not worth paying the ticket price. But it was all in good nature, and soon most of the accounts are settled.

Back to the issue of nourishment. It is already very late, and we are too tired to sit down at a restaurant and eat. It is decided that we order from McDonald's and have it sent back to our bunks.

The McDonald's arrives very late, nearly two hours after we place our order. I stagger out of bed and we eat the meal in silence, too exhausted to actually taste the food. Well, at least it was not as silent as the other day during rehearsal when we were ravenously attacking our lunch. SSP had never eaten so quietly before!

We crawled back into bed after that. It was nearly 4am. At this rate, how were we going to make it early tomorrow for the day's activities?

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