Monday, May 05, 2008

WAWAS! - Concerning Our Sleeping Habits

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There is nothing much to say at this point. Once we were safely in our bunks we did the usual routine of either bathe/slack/or sleep, which we had been doing for the past seven nights. It was a completely open affair, everyone mingling about, an open-door policy. I made sure the mosquito coil, which was usually placed at the foot of my bed, was placed outside. Yesterday I had awoken with a tremendous cough in the middle of the night, and it was suspected that the smoke from the mosquito coil was the culprit. Hoping that tomorrow (our last day, our departure day!) would go well, I left my friends to their own devices and went to bed.

Dawn broke the next morning. A lot of us were firmly settled in our beds. Usual air of somnolence. Some of us were already up and running, most were still snoozing. Our sole agenda for the day was to go home, nothing else. We can do anything we want before that, but at 6.30pm, the bus leaves.

At this point I would like to bring to your attention the idiosyncrasies of our sleeping habits. During the night some days ago, we all could not sleep owing to the presence of Aizat's melodious snoring. Imagine our surprise when suddenly in the middle of this snoring came the mumbled words "air stewardess...". We greatly wonder what it was that made him say that! A very memorable dream, perhaps?

Shamil also. He was scratching up and down when suddenly he did the "pull to heart" action in our Intro. A novel way of rehearsing!

In waking up we also have our habits. Nizal, upon rousing him out of sleep, would start! Then he will slowly fall back to sleep. Wake him up a second time and he would start! again, then fall back to sleep. He is not one of those who are easy to awake, it seems.

Hadis is another matter altogether. He would wake up, look around with an extremely puffy face from sleep, then go back to sleep. Again he would awake, and look around sleepily. How would you know he was awake? Well, he would start to dance. (To the rousing music from Jihad's speakers.) Well *now* he's awake!

As for me, I have been sighted sleeping with my arms crossed in a professional manner. Very interesting!

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