Thursday, May 15, 2008

WAWAS! - Credits and Epilogue

--Advisory: This is a Very Long Post.--

At the end of every great undertaking, there are always people to thank. I thank these people here for the photos: Aidil, Hadis, Haddad, and Jeff ("Thank God you guys took the correct photos!" ;)

Full albums are available from Some of the photos were taken from our blog ( Whoever took those photos, thanks!

Here are some photos I had selected that did not make it into the main text:

The Wawas team with the people of Stor Teater and DBP in the first row, the people who helped us greatly in making it Happen. Encik Harun is second from left, and Cikgu Hasnah is in center. The rest I don't know. Thanks guys!

Myself with my grandparents, parents, granduncle etc. after the second performance, with the legendary Yusnor Ef thrown in for good measure. My parents and grandparents came all the way from Johor to watch Wawas! I cannot thank them enough for supporting us. (And I think stage makeup looks horrendous in normal lighting!)

Deep in concentration, making music. Except for Adillah. ("Thank God!")

And finally, in a moment of folly, the pièce de résistance!

Below is a video of the New Year Fireworks. It is 9 minutes long!! Courtesy of womad (which is Haddad).

Unfortunately we left behind the WAWAS poster in Stor Teater! It was in a storage space under the audience seating platforms. A souvenir to the good people of Stor Teater, I suppose it will be.

Sang Singa Purba has gone on to other things. We will have a production called PN08, coming in late 2008. It is still in its nascent stages, though.

There has been talk of staging WAWAS! in singapore, but no news has been heard about it so far (PN08 is the primary issue on our radar). Nonetheless, it is still a possibility!

Wangsa SSP has been formed! SSP's dance section finally has an official name and logo, with the motto "Tarikan Kayanganmu". (Dunno how to translate, but it has an ethereal quality about it.) (Pardon the bad quality of the image. It was the least I could find. It's supposed to be on an all-white background.)

Just recently the preliminary orientations have been completed for the new cubs who are entering SSP this year. Some promising talents, no doubt, of which we may discover more during the coming SSP Orientation camp.

Muzikarama 2008 coming up!

And that's all. Stay tuned!

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