Wednesday, May 07, 2008

WAWAS! - The Last Day (And Last-Minute Shopping at Times Square)

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To cut a long story short, at around noon we had uprooted ourselves, packed everything, cleared the bathrooms, and went downstairs to Stor Teater to get the props we had left there. We didn't know what to do with the fruits that Cikgu had given us some days ago (Foods To Preserve Your Voice, I presume) so we arranged them neatly on the dressing table along with some tidbits as a token of appreciation for the Mama Indias who had been so helpful throughout our stay.

Downstairs Didi realized he hadn't taken a photo of himself with the Wisma Puspanita sign beside the road, and so there we were in the middle of the road (in the road divider at the turn) snapping pictures. He also made amends with me over the row we had yesterday, good man.

With Stor Teater duly emptied, we set off for Times Square. (I do not remember where we had breakfast, or even if we had any breakfast at all.)

We reached Times Square in disjointed groups. I daresay it was because some bags were so heavy they impeded the walk of their owners. I was one of the first to reach there, because this damned accordion bag is killing me! It is always an exhaustive prospect to carry my accordion over long distances. Haddad volunteered to take care of our bags and encouraged us to find some lunch for ourselves. The rest were beginning to arrive by now.

After a spot of window shopping and scouting for prices (too expensive), I went back down to the bags, saw some of us eating McDonald's, enquired as to its origins, and went off to search for it on the fifth floor. Jihad, Mai and Haddad were already there, standing in the queue.

The indoor roller coaster there defied description! Loops and turns wound their way all around the pillars of the mall. I heard that Jeff, Hadis, Zana and Asmida had plans to ride on it. (I do not know if they eventually did.)

After lunch there was *more* window shopping, this time for clothes and accessories. Shamil selected a pair of skinny jeans, a very interesting decision on his part, and I chose a blue cap. The rest of us, when we met up downstairs, had purchased many kinds of things like jackets, shoes, bags and other accoutrements.

I sneaked off to the reputed location of a prop shop, on the 5th floor, courtesy of a tip-off by Haddad, who had passed it earlier. There were severed hands, legs, heads, and several different kinds of masks, but none were up to my expectations, so I abandoned the shop.

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