Friday, May 02, 2008

WAWAS! - "What? The LRT Station is Closed?!"

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We sat in a corner away from the drizzle, wondering what to do next. There was some talk of getting a foot massage at the nearest reflexologist. Zalinah, Aizat, Sarah and Nadiah, among others, were fine with that idea--but at this time? It was past twelve; no doubt there would be plenty of late night reflexologists in Bukit Bintang, but the whole idea seemed somewhat far-fetched. But they were determined to go, so we wished them a good journey, and off they went.

The rest of us were still left with no subsequent course of action.

Minor commotion over a cockroach in our midst. It came from the bushes behind the fountain. Nearly everyone shifted to the other side, quite unsettled.

The Foot Massage Group reported to us the closure of KLCC LRT Station. I thought it still had an hour of service? The Group had hailed a taxi to get to their reflexologist. Impossible, Malaysian transport is! We at KLCC decided to take taxis as well.

The new woman in the MRT is terrible! She switches accents mid-sentence and enunciates letters much too clearly! The "Going to Johor Bahru?" announcement in the Woodlands area is particularly hair-raising. It appears to be an imitation of the old woman, but she says it much too suggestively, in my view. Why "Doors Are Closing" when she could very well say "Doors Closing"? (Maybe I should blame the scriptwriter for that.) The announcement at Jurong East when the North-South train pulls into the station is also particularly long-winded. But to her credit, her "Yew Tee" is quite good, can make it. However I much prefer the old woman.


We were discussing possible locations for taxi-hailing. Walking along a back road leading away from the LRT station, Jihad and Hadis hailed every taxi in our path, but they either quoted extravagant fares or didn't know the way to Wisma Puspanita. We were getting quite tired. I was especially concerned over Didi with his injured knee. He was quite irritable earlier, entering into a minor row with me over transport. Having no luck getting a taxi along this back road, we trudged solemnly further down.

At long last, we reached a main road, and a taxi stand. A series of explosions were heard. I thought for a moment that it was some sort of terrorist attack! (I was feeling quite morbid.) We never did find out their origin.

A few unsuccessful hailings later, I was ensconced in a taxi along with Suhaila and Aidil. The journey was uneventful.

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