Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sang Singa Purba Kem 60-an Gerek! - The NightWalk

Yet another event brought to you by SSP! I didn't write anything down in my Black Book (version écrite) this time, since I have learnt from experience that in camps there is no time to relax and write at all. There is always something to do, campers to entertain, stuff to sort out, and events to prepare. No tons of entries enough to make into a book like the Wawas affair (thank goodness). I will divide it into a few posts with a main topic and point out the interesting points, as I remember them.

The camp lasted from the 17th to the 19th of June, Tuesday to Thursday, with a Prep Day thrown in on Monday the 16th for good measure. I was part of Manpower, with a hand in the NightWalk preparations (a very big hand, in fact). I also did a few props for the NightWalk (as is my usual custom), in addition to the basketloads of props we borrowed from BE and SMA and the piles of cloth we got from MIT.

My main worry at the beginning of the camp was the lack of time to make NightWalk Props. Up until the last moment, I was either sorting out props or completing them. Even when the NightWalk started, I wasn't at my spot in W4/W5! As a result, I missed the first camper who walked the route (someone by the name of Jalil. It would have been interesting to see what was his reaction to my Ghost-Flies-Towards-You scare. ;-) I only had time to lean the ghost in a corner at the beginning of W4/W5. He was quite startled at the sight of it, I saw from afar!

The most singular thing about this NightWalk was that it went backwards! All my NightWalks since year 1 had gone from FC1 to MIT, but this was the first which went the other way. The rationale was that we would end closer to our bunks at T6. In the MIT camps our bunks were always at MIT, so the idea of NightWalks going the other way simply did not occur to us. I had some difficulty imagining the SSP NightWalk route which went the other way.

Of all the campers which I *did* scare, only one pair of girls screamed! They turned around and ran away! I was already smiling in glee. They recovered and walked back towards me. I raised the hand of the ghost, reaching towards them. They doubled up and ran! Very scared, they were. A job well done!

Of the rest, one pair muttered Arabic verses upon being shocked, and another let forth a stream of words and curses ("melatah", it is called in Malay). Some campers showed absolutely no reaction at all to my ghost; I was quite disappointed. But the most memorable was at the very end of the event, after the last camper has passed. I didn't know he was the last camper, so I waited for more. Then two people came, flashing torchlights around. Certainly not campers, maybe scare point people. I decided to scare them. They flashed their torchlight at my ghost and saw it, then shut it off. When they were near, I made it FLY TOWARDS THEM! They screamed and retreated a few steps back!

It was Fuad and Hady! What a reaction! I didn't expect them to react so strongly... Of all the guys whom I scared tonight, this was the only pair that screamed! =)

And thus our NightWalk ended. The last NightWalk for me, before I go to NS! More about the camp in the next post!

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