Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Voices (The Epic)

My internship in Year 3 was in World Scientific Publishing Co., in 2007. Voices is the name of a lunchtime concert we held at the end of July in the library on the first floor. Sharon was the receptionist in the lobby. And with this brief introduction, I begin the poem proper.

On 31st of July at 1.03
There was this concert in First Floor Library
Alamak, some came too early
They think we start already
Actually practice-practice only!

A lot of people came down to see
There was standing room only
Got one song called "Stand By Me"
This one Alvin sing
Then got another song by Rhaimie
"Save the Last Dance..." or something

Everyone clap.

After that we eat KFC
And pizza with Chicken Tandoori
The pizza a bit cold already
The rest we gave to Sharon in the lobby!

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