Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Props, Netbooks, and more!

A renaissance has occurred! I have been invigorated with literary energy and have revisited my long-abandoned writings of MIT FOC 0607, and to a lesser extent 0708 and 0809. Now FOC 0910 is just around the corner, but I regret to say that there is no possible way I can take part, as it is right smack in the middle of important events happening in my current life! (Further elaboration on these "important events" will be delivered to you verbally upon request.)

The least I can do for FOC 0910 is to help out in the props, as I have always done for MIT since FOC 0607. Last Saturday I met up in the clubroom with several juniors, the majority of which were Games Personnel (GPs), and a few Organising Committee (OC) members. A class on How To Make A Sadako was held, with rather ridiculous results. The funky pink raffia hair hadn't been sprayed black yet! I don't have a photo of this, sad to say, but if I can get one I will.

How To Make A Hand was also taught. The right hand was made by me, and the left hand was made by a female GP (I forgot her name, sorry), which resulted in different-sized hands. But all these anomalies were merely dismissed with a pronunciation of the NightWalk Props motto: "At Night Cannot See!™" (Does not apply to the funky pink hair, though.)

Hope to teach them How To Make A Leg next Saturday. I'll make sure to choose a partner with similar leg sizes, lest we create disproportionate limbs again.

I also couldn't demonstrate fully aural scares. The MIT had two sets of speakers, a large one with a subwoofer and a small Creative one, but both couldn't be made to work! The Creative one was spoilt, and the large one had a missing cable. I must remember to bring an audio cable next week.

On another note, I have just purchased a netbook from the IT Show which occurred last weekend. It was an Asus EEE PC 901 priced at $498. Usually things like these cost $798, but for my version, they removed the 3G websurfing function, and it became $300 cheaper. There were some trade-offs, as is the case with netbooks, but I will excuse them. For now, Internet access is greatly simplified!

Previously I had to go to either an NLB library or SP library to use the net, since my residence in Johor doesn't have a connection. But recently my SP SPICE account was deleted, meaning I cannot surf the net in SP anymore (for free somemore). So I had to use the computers in NLB libraries, which entailed a cost of $1.80 per hour, and you cannot save files and transfer them to a thumbdrive. No colour printing also. Very restrictive. Therefore, the netbook.

Back to Props. The Props Department this year have very ambitious targets for props, I observed. Nothing wrong with that, as long as they're used fully. It won't help making 10 pairs of arms if they're of bad quality, and have to be discarded and remade. A waste of material, I'd say. Masking tape is extremely Valuable!

Wee Hong, the current Camp Coordinator, also requested to borrow my NightWalk Manual for his perusal, the first time it has left my hands. I hope the advice and ideas in it, collected over the years, are of great use. Perhaps some new and refreshing Scare Ideas?

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