Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Beginning...

--This post took a long time in coming, so I'll just tie up a few strings left loose in the previous few posts.--

I managed to attend FOC 0910! Yes, I know it was right in the middle of "important events", but I managed to doctor my schedule to attend the camp, even if only for the first day, and the last day. There was a heart-stopping episode during the process, but it turned out fine, and I'm relieved to say that all that is over and done with.

I've obtained the Lost World soundtrack from the Esplanade library. A longwinded process, but it was possible to do.

The NightWalk Manual has been safely returned to me. It has not been updated much, I'm afraid, but it had been of some use during this year's MIT FOC. Never mind, MIT 2010 coming up!

About the abandoned writings, I will go easy on myself. No use forcing oneself to do something if inspiration does not strike. A bad case of either writer's block or too much material? It remains to be seen.

Caesar III? That game influenced me a lot, man.

And I have a ton of things to say about NightWalk!

--Pour être continué...--

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