Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Devil is in the Details

A NightWalk should be treated with the due respect it deserves, not just "Let's throw some props together and voila!" or even "Just give us the props, and we'll think of something!"

Sadly, this is the way most NightWalks end up becoming. We may talk of making the next NightWalk being better planned, with ample preparation time, and if possible better quality props, but in the end it always becomes a rushed affair. Just like an organised enterprise is better than a haphazard enterprise, a properly-planned NightWalk is infinitely better than a "chapalang" one. If it fails, at least we made the effort to plan it.

You know the haunted house attractions of the US and Europe? It is a buzzing industry there, where people acquire properties with a very foreboding aura to them and make an attraction out of it, the more elaborate the better. It is possible to make something as professional-looking as them, but with a shoestring budget (or shall I say, raffia string? ;p) This is not to say such a NightWalk *will* be chapalangly-planned, nor will it *look* chapalang. It will just be thought out more. How to maximise the budget, yet still put out something which will impress?

(Notwithstanding the fact that there *will* be "additional" funding ;)

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