Friday, February 19, 2010

Malaysian Traffic, Part II

Even the roads we went through had their faults. The roads running through the many kampungs in Malaysia don't have a middle partition between the opposite lanes. As a result, you have cars running towards you on a road only two lanes wide. Very hair-raising stuff.

Also, the lanes wind round, like on a roller coaster, and go up and down hills--what most people call a "winding road into the hills". If a slow truck or bus is in front of you, you have to overtake it, but this means going into the opposite lane. Risky, but it can be done. Unless there's a hill or upward climb.

By the way, the sentences earlier about subject gaps being very far--don't be surprised if one sentence leaps into another, with totally different meanings.

The Malaysian roads at night are a sight to behold. Some stretches of road, there are no lights, and we wish you luck if you are driving on them.The two lane roads without a partition I mentioned earlier had no street lamps along them, I notice. Lucky thing we did not drive on them at night. The only indication that there is a vehicle approaching in the opposite direction is their headlights shining right into your eyes. Nothing to worry about on the partitioned roads, but on the non-partitioned ones you better watch out. Be careful when overtaking a slower vehicle.

The good thing about having no streetlights is that you can look at the night sky, and have a breathtaking view on a clear night. The moon and a few stars amid some clouds can be seen.

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