Sunday, February 06, 2011


Slowly, life is settling into a routine. While I would not say life has gone back to normal, it has certainly become predictable (life is considered "back to normal" only when I finally reside in Singapore). Till then, I am a nomad, packing all my sustenance and bringing it everywhere I go. The first of each month always holds some wonder; a month has passed, a month is here, and the year moves on. The days up to the 12th hold eagerness; and once the date arrives, old desires flare up, only to die a few days later (in dismay, I'm afraid). The days after that are spent in deep thought, wondering what I am going to do in the distant future. Planning...

I have made progress on the portability side; for one, I got an iPhone. Unfortunately it was not planned. I forgot that I was supposed to get an iPad.

I am rediscovering things I had long forgotten; the musical saw as a substitute for an ondes martenot, the accordion as a remarkable instrument. These things can bring me to places, if only I will pursue them. They may be regarded as no more than a hobby, but there is a place for everything. The SP Childcare Centre and MLT2 have long been demolished and levelled, but interest in them has rekindled due to my NightWalk Manual (in progress).

If I manage my time I can accomplish a lot in one day (already I'm updating my blog, something I ought to be able to do regularly but don't). Don't shy away from what you want to do. Don't let others dictate what you do. Think carefully. Listen intently.

Is this what you want?

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