Saturday, June 04, 2011

Friendster Blog or Otherwise?

I have decided to move my posts from my friendster blog over to this blog (like finally!) The post below is the last post from my friendster blog before I decided to abandon it and post exclusively in my blogspot blog. I had already been posting in my blogspot blog since March that year, but at some point between March and June 2006 I realized the inordinate nature of keeping two blogs updated, and uncertainty resulted. Ultimately I decided on maintaining the blogspot blog and as a result, the friendster blog fell into disuse.

JUNE 18, 2006 AT 6.17 PM

Should I write in a Friendster Blog or otherwise?

A Friendster blog is good in that it may notify people when you have updated it (if you wish it to). It isn't good in that design capabilities aren't so flexible. Terrible aesthetics!

Any other type of blog is more wide ranging in terms of customization, but this customization usually consists of getting an already-made template (I dislike that, but not entirely). The originality of the blog design is questionable. Also, people won't necessarily come to it.

Are my writings interesting, on both my blogs? Should I go on writing on my Friendster blog, or on my Blogspot blog? In the end, I still have to update one, or there will be annoying duplication. I hate the decentralisation. With one blog, it will be the main one, and all writings converge there.

Give a comment, or send me a message. (Comment may be easier.) I realise I am falling back Web-wise. Not even a decent blog to work upon. Tagboards, layouts, photos? How?

If you can help me in my blog design, please do. (I promise to get the Blogspot blog presentable.)

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