Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Battle Royale (ICT FOC Day 1; Part 3)

In every camp there are night games, and Battle Royale is one of those that have no precedent. It does not base itself on pre-determined ideas of horror like NightWalk, but is a game on its own, able to be played in any way we want the experience to be. Unfortunately, in all camps, there is a dearth of pictures of night games (whether due to "rules and regulations" or "forget to take", I don't know) so I had to go through all my archives of SP photos to at least illustrate the action in this Part. Forgive me for any inaccuracy; we are lucky some of the pictures were taken, for some buildings have since been demolished or changed beyond recognition.
MAY 17, 2005 AT 12.00AM

Battle Royale promptly started at 12am. The briefing, I mean. There were 12 zones, A through L. The campus thus divided, we were to collect lightrings, which were to be our sole source of light during the NightWalk, to occur immediately after the game. (Or was it lightsticks?)

We were to travel as a group through the zones. Some zones had more lightrings than others. At regular intervals, we would be informed that certain zones were closed. The game utilized the SMS feature on handphones to do the messaging. As a rule of thumb, if a particular zone is not mentioned, it is open. So the layout of open zones changed with each message.

And what happens when a zone is closed? Well, the Angels and Devils and Zone Masters will move in. There were 2 pairs of OC members acting as Devils, labelled with red lightsticks. Only one pair of Angels, labelled with blue lightsticks. Basically, if you meet a Devil, it's Bad; they will take your lightrings; if you meet an Angel, Good, they will give you one; if you meet the Zone Master, may God bless you. Therefore groups in the closed zones at the time of the message should move out quickly for fear of meeting the Devils and Zone Masters. Giving and taking of lightrings include forfeiture.

A map of the campus was presented to us, neatly divided into the different Zones. I immediately volunteered to be the navigation captain, and proceeded to indicate our position, in Zone F. Our stratagem was to search in the further areas, Zones G to L, since other teams were likely to go to Zones A to E, rumoured to contain the most number of lightrings.

And we set off! Immediately we went towards Zone I. The only torchlight we had was used sparingly. It was owned by Bash, and had several different light colours and a two-function switch. Quite blinding.

We had already passed T10, 9, and 8. Their corridors were *very* dark. Our sole torchlight was used mainly for, but not limited to, the brief illumination of a whole length of corridor and adequate illumination of staircases.

Finally we gave up trying to get to I due to its (extreme) darkness and isolation. We instead perambulated around the areas of F, G, H, and J (only). At times we imagined we saw people, in the corridor after T8 leading towards MLT2. We even witnessed another group being caught by Devils, from the corridor between T7 and the Administration Building. The unfortunate group was at the entrance of the library.

Then the Devils caught up with us! We were at the corridor running parallel to, and between, T9 and T10. Suddenly the Devils came. The rest of my team ran whilst I took refuge within the alcoves of the corridor.

After that episode, we resumed our rounds. Someone suggested that we use the lift. Although doubtful whether they were still operating at that hour, it was soon answered when the lift door opened.

Momentarily blinded, we entered. A lift! At that hour of night!

A message came through declaring that the game had ended. Finally!

(Before that we went all the way to Zone A, near our bunks, where we met with *more* Devils.) (And a Forfeit where we had to spin 10 rounds.)

We made our way to the meeting place, FC1. Other teams took a long time to come. After everyone was accounted for, we were told to wait at a gate nearby, for further instructions.

The wait lasted nearly half an hour. We were expectantly waiting for the NightWalk to commence. In the meantime, we were entertained by stories of the different reputed places in the campus (which we soon found out to be poppycock.)

Suddenly one of the OC members announced that......


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