Monday, December 02, 2013

We were not on the same page

29 October 2013

A tension. Myself: a bridge, an 'awkward-lessening agent', reducing implied animosity.

Why the current dormancy? It should be a time of great fervency! We should be furiously debating and exchanging ideas!

Is this what happens when strangers meet to create? A cold, nonchalant ignorance? Is this professionalism?

If it is, I don't prefer it.

Most friction occurs when the intentions of a person is not the same as the intentions of the others. One tries to mould someone, but if they are not willing, nothing results. Even worse if they don't tell each other their true intentions.

But we have seen that if intentions align, magic results. Fierce loyalty. Fervent ardor. Selfless sacrifice. Without question. Without reward.

If we can form an organization with these very attributes—all passionate, with the exact same goal, and willpower to do it—we are three-quarters of the way there.

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